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Dark Angel - Eden Maguire

Dark Angel (Dark Angel, #1)Dark Angel - Eden Maguire
Grade: YA
Rating: 3/5 stars

Tania's heart belongs to Orlando. Nothing can rip them apart. Until the seduction begins in a flurry of glamour and magic, music and parties all orchestrated by the mysterious and mesmerising Zoran, an iconic rock star who has retired to a remote ranch in the nearby mountains. And there Tania meets the dark side. Can she resist temptation? 

~ * ~ * ~

I’m a fan of the Angel genre. It’s something that is growing in popularity these days and with the title ‘Dark Angel’ I was expecting something very angel focused. I will tell you now, if you’re looking for a book that has a strong angel storyline, this isn’t the book for you. While angel imagery and the “dark” side come through loud and clear; the actual appearance of angels is sort of lacking.

I had a few issues with the plot of this book. While it had an extremely interesting concept, it just didn’t seem to go far enough for me. A retired, mysterious rock star (Zoran) moves into a mountain district and attract the attention of the entire teen population to the point where the main character (Tania) considers he is a cult leader, drawing all her friends to the dark side. It is obvious from the start that there is going to be a supernatural element to the story too; so you start asking yourself if this is actually a supernatural cult or is there more Tania must try to uncover?

Sounds really dark and uncertain; But Tania takes almost the entire book to grab onto this need to find out the real meaning behind Zoran’s appearance in her town. Despite having concerns and voicing them every second page; she spends too much time pushing them aside and ignoring her instincts – to avoid Zoran – to run away. While part of this avoiding issue gets explained throughout the end of the book, it made Tania come off as weak; to have all these thoughts and want to do something about them, but to do nothing (eg. She’s aware for most of the novel that something is not quite right with Zoran and his residence, and yet knowing she has to stay away, knowing her parents and boyfriend are telling her it’d be better to not go near Zoran, Tania decides on multiple occasions to visit his home alone.

I was drawn in by the mysterious Zoran. You don’t quite know who or what he is for so long and you wait impatiently for Tania to stumble across the answer. While I’m not desperate for the next book, I will be looking out for It to see what happens with Zoran; the ending left me wondering.

3/5 stars

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