Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Hunger Games Movie

I'm often wary of Books being made into Movies. I hate the idea that my favourite scenes are going to be destroyed and I really don't want to be disappointed actors. Despite this I still get pretty excited about the films, especially if they're made from books I love: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Twilight (yeah, I loved Twilight...but not the movies).

And now, the latest victim: The Hunger Games.

If you haven't read The Hunger Games series, you really should. It's dark, edgy and emotional; 24 Children thrown into an arena and forced to kill each other so there is only one survivor, all in the name of power and entertainment for the rulers of the land. It is what started my love of dystopian novels.

I watched the VMAs for the first time this year, all the way through, just so I could catch the first teaser trailer.

And now, after wait so long, the final (full) trailer has been released:

Thoughts? I LOVED it. It's perfect. I get shivers thinking about how awesome it was. The Reaping, pretty spot on. The Training Centre is darker than I imagined it, which makes it better, it just fit. Katniss and Peeta having secret moments on the roof of their building, so sweet, exactly how I pictured it in the book. And travelling up the tubes into the Arena, racing to the Cornucopia for supplies...I cannot imagine it any other way.

I'm dying for the movie. What are your thoughts on the trailer?



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