Friday, 4 November 2011


I have spent the last 2 days emptying my 3 strangely shaped bookcases (in fact, I should be trying to clear the random trinkets I have stored on top of 2 of them still, but instead I'm blogging). There was no space for any new books and after months of discussing the possibility of getting rid of the bookcases altogether and switching to shelves my Dad finally said we'd do it this weekend...if I could get all the books and stuff off.

It's now Friday, 3pm, and I'm doing alright. Still a bit to go, but at least all the books are gone now.

Thank goodness my sister isn't at home any more so her room is empty and free to have my books piled up for however long it takes to get the new shelves, I certainly have no space in my room for them. Downside is my room feels really empty and it took forever to carry all the books upstairs.

But all this cleaning got me thinking; what do you do when you run out of room on your shelves? Do you buy a new bookcase or find a spot on your desk/floor and stack them on top of each other? Do you even have shelves? I know Kerrie stores her books in her wardrobe (who needs space for clothes, right?). If I had room in my own wardrobe I'd be putting books there too.

I guess what I want to know is: how do you store your books?



  1. Hi Kim,

    I'm now following:D

    I have a 5 shelf , double parked book shelf, BUT!!! I have this corner that is shaped like a half fifty cent piece that I want to make into a book shelf. It's rather a large space so I want a nice rading comfy chair and rug in front of it. Floor to ceiling shelves. SO that is my project . I need to paint the space , white and then get my 65 yr old family friend, who is ex engineer, ( comes in handy) to help me out . He likes doing projects for me. The last being my Tiki Bar he made for under $100 . ( we asked builders for left over wood) My books have flowed onto my computer desk and floor , time to make use of a space that you can't do a lot with.


  2. @Novels On The Run Hi Michelle, thanks for following!

    Oh wow, the half fifty cent piece corner sounds cool! I'm super jealous. It's definitely handy knowing someone who can help create masterpieces like that, I don't know how I'd do all this without my dad :P