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Storm - Brigid Kemmerer

Storm (Elementals, #1)Storm (Elementals #1) - Brigid Kemmerer
Grade: YA
Rating: 5/5 stars

Earth, Fire, Air, Water – they have more power than you dream.

Ever since her ex-boyfriend spread those lies about her, Becca Chandler is suddenly getting all the guys—all the ones she doesn't want. Then she saves Chris Merrick from a beating in the school parking lot. Chris is different. Way different: he can control water—just like his brothers can control fire, wind, and earth. They’re powerful. Dangerous. Marked for death.

And now that she knows the truth, so is Becca.

Secrets are hard to keep when your life’s at stake. When Hunter, the mysterious new kid around school, turns up with a talent for being in the wrong place at the right time, Becca thinks she can trust him. But then Hunter goes head-to-head with Chris, and Becca wonders who’s hiding the most dangerous truth of all.

The storm is coming . . . (Description from Goodreads)

~ * ~ * ~

I first discovered Brigid Kemmerer’s series via blog friends who told me to read the prequel novella to ‘Storm’ (Elemental) Since then I’ve been dying to get my hands on the first book in the series, desperate for more of the fantastic world we were teased with in the novella. My expectations were extremely high for ‘Storm’, but not to worry, the book definitely lived up to them. Told in third person from the perspectives of Chris Merrick and Becca Chandler, ‘Storm’ brings to life the raw power of the elements, while displaying an amazing hidden lifestyle that runs parallel to the “normal” world. Family, fights and friendship, this book has it all and more.

Becca Chandler stumbles upon a good, old-fashioned teenage fist fight late at night in the school parking lot. She doesn’t know who it is fighting, but it doesn’t matter; she has to help the victim, has to try and stop someone from getting hurt beyond repair. That someone is Chris Merrick. What Becca doesn’t realise is that by stepping in to stop the fight, she’s about to be caught up in the biggest secret being kept by her town, and more than she could ever imagine. What I loved about ‘Storm’ was that you’re thrown into the story immediately. There’s no waiting to find out who the characters are or what their situations are like, you’re just in and there’s no getting out. I adore those sorts of starts, and the rest of the book is just the same. You’re pushed and pulled through an endless amount of action and discovery, and there’s never a dull moment for this book.

Let’s face it; we’re mostly reading these reviews to find out more about the Merrick bothers. Ok, I kid – there’s a lot more to this book than just them – but it’s hard to ignore the fact that there is something strangely enchanting about the Merrick family, and not just because of their super powers. An incredibly broken family, they sure have their fair share of disaster hanging over their heads; but the fact that they still manage to be so close and can rely on each other to lend strength and support shows a family connection some people who die for. Michael, the strong and protective one. The twins; Gabriel, the sporty play-boy with hidden emotions and Nick, who calms the rest and keeps Gabriel focused. And Chris, who never gives in and never gives up; who is brave in the face of danger. I could go on, but really, you’d have to read them to truly understand them. I cannot stress enough how amazing these brothers are and I can’t wait to see more of them in the next book.

I’ve always had an interest in elemental magic, so I was already a fan before coming into ‘Storm’. Even so, I was a little wary when I started ‘Storm’ believing that it’d be hard to bring something new and different to something as basic as the elements – it’s not exactly an unknown idea waiting to be explored – but Brigid Kemmerer managed to make forget my worries. It’s not just controlling the elements that Brigid’s characters seem to be able to do; they take strength, energy and healing powers from the element they identify with most. The Elementals – people gifted with a connection one of the 5 elements: earth, air, water, fire or spirit – do just as much internally by fixing themselves and taking comfort from their element, as they do externally – although there’s no shortage of extreme weather disruptions and “natural” disasters. I can’t stress enough how exciting it is to come across a supernatural world with such a well developed magical concept. It can make or break a series, and it definitely worked in Kemmerer’s favour.

I loved the hidden nature of it all. That there’s a secret community living parallel to the rest of the town; with an entire different set of rules for those with powers, all intent on keeping the community away from the public eye. And their connection to the elements makes them more intriguing than you could ever imagine. Who is the mysterious governing body? Just how do they get their powers? What happens when someone becomes too powerful? You can’t stop the questions from coming and you can’t stop being pulling into the story, desperate to find out the answers and to see what happens next.

My only issue with ‘Storm’ was the way it ended. I wish there had been more. What we were given fit so well with the characters and direction of the story, I just didn’t want it to finish yet. But I guess this is why it’s a series, there’s always more to come.

Amazing start - I can’t wait for ‘Spark’. I’m sure Gabriel’s story will be just as addictive as Chris and Becca’s.

5/5 stars

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  1. Like you, I've been hearing so much about this book, especially from Aussie bloggers! I wasn't really sure if I wanted to read it but your review, along with some others, has convinced me to give this a go!

    1. It's a really good book Mandee. I could hardly put it down, and the Aussie cover is just so pretty!

      If you have a chance, read the prequel novella first. It's a good way to get you interested. The chemistry between characters is amazing for such a short story and it sets you up with questions about the series that get answered in Storm.


  2. The Merrick's have to be my favourite part of this book (and there's a LOT of 'favourite' things about this book). Not just because they're drop dead swoon, but for all the reasons you listed. I especially love when you said: The twins; Gabriel, the sporty play-boy with hidden emotions and Nick, who calms the rest and keeps Gabriel focused. And Chris, who never gives in and never gives up; who is brave in the face of danger. <3

    I want MORE deep, complex, emotional, humourous family relationships like this in YA. MORE, MORE, MORE!

    I love your review, Kim. Amazing! So happy you loved this! I think we need some sort of weekly therapy session to endure the wait until Spark ;D

    1. I totally agree Brodie! Seeing the brothers rely on each other and having them so just don't see that sort of healthy relationship in books much. I know they don't exactly have a picture perfect family, but the way they still come off as strong because they have each other makes me love the Merricks even more.

      I might have to take you up on that therapy suggestion. It's going to be tough.


  3. Kiiiiim! EEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm SO glad you read this and loved it so much. It's just... it's so GOOD. It's so much more than just romance or action... the book has heart and soul, and the CHARACTERS. THe boys feel *so* authentic. Oh my gooodness, EVERYTHING you said, form being pulled right into the action, to the boys and...

    You know what? I AGREE with you on the ending... I didn't dislike itat ALL, but I would have LOVED more... a slightly tidier denouement, or maybe... I don't know... I think I maybe just wanted more kissing :P

    1. There just aren't enough words in the world to say how awesome this book is. 'Awesome' doesn't seem like the right word either, I've used it way too many times.

      All I wanted was another page or two, to make sure everything was all settled for them, and yes more kissing. But the fact is, Chris isn't going to drop off the face of the earth now his book has ended - no way it'll happen with a family like that. So we'll see more of him.


  4. The cover of Storm and the premise is what drew me in initially but once I opened the book and began reading, I was hooked. Storm is about so much more than good looking guys and teenage angst. Bridget Kemmerer effortlessly wove real life issues into her book and having been through situations that were so similar to both the Merrick brothers and Becca endeared them to me all the more. Every single character in this book had a strong voice and an important role in the storyline. The twists and turns were endless and had me so riveted that I found it very difficult to put down this book.