Sunday, 15 January 2012

In My Mailbox #6

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren.

First IIM for the new year and I've got a bit of catching up to do. 

Firstly, Christmas books...I know, I know; Christmas is long gone. But I didn't get a chance to do a proper Christmas IMM earlier as I was away.

Fatefull - Claudia Gray
Enthralled - Kelley Armstrong & Melissa Marr 
Dark Angel - Eden Maguire
Daughter of Smoke and Bone - Laini Taylor (NB: AMAZING BOOK!)
You Against Me - Jenny Downham
Froi of the Exiles - Melina Marchetta

I haven't read them all, so I'm looking forward to getting through them all. I was a pretty spoiled girl over Christmas.

Onto more recent books.

Magic Gifts - Ilona Andrews
I HAD to have the free ebook that Ilona Andrews had uploaded on their blog for Christmas (If you missed out, apparently the novella will be included in Andrea's book 'Gunmetal Magic'). I'm a HUGE Kate Daniels fan and I needed more Kate and Curran scenes to tie me over until Andrea's book comes out later this year. Magic Gifts was perfect for this purpose, though I wish it had been longer, but I can't complain, since it's a free novella and it's style suggests it's going to be small (novella!)

The Bite Before Christmas - Lydsay Sands and Jeaniene Frost.
I've never read any by Lydsay Sands and I'll admit to not reading her story. I only wanted this one for the Night Huntress story. It did not disappoint. Simple fantastic novella. Can't pass up a good Cat and Bones piece.

Twice Bitten, Hard Bitten & Drink Deep - Chloe Neill
I read Some Girls Bite recently and had to have the rest in the series NOW! Unfortunately Friday Night Bites (#2) hasn't arrived yet, so I can't dive into the rest of them yet; but I have plenty of other books to keep me entertained at the moment.

Dark Seeker - Taryn Browning
I've been interested Dark Seeker for a while. Teenage girl hunting the undead? Sounds like my kind of book. I can't wait to read this one.

Wicked Game - Jeri Smith-Ready
Jeri's YA series 'Shade' was one of my favourites for 2011 and I've decided to try out her adult vampire series. I'm 100% sure it'll be amazing, and I'm always looking for new vampires books. You can't go past a good vampire story.

Shadow Heir - Richelle Mead
The last in the Dark Swan series. I've heard it has a strange ending, but so far I haven't run across any spoilers. I'm a big Richelle Mead fan so I'll definitely be reading this one soon (if only so my twitter friends can finally discuss it online without ruining it for me. Sorry for holding you up, guys)

The Shadow Reader - Sandy Williams
I bought this as an ebook last year and decided myself I needed it as a physical book too. I adored it and can't wait to reread on paper and then lend it to everyone I know.

Mastiff - Tamora Pierce
Tamora Pierce is my absolute favourite author. I'm convinced she's the reason I started my insane reading obsession as a young teen, reading the Song of the Lioness Quartet. I still go back to reread the Alanna stories when I'm looking for a comfort book. Mastiff is the third, and final, book in the Beka Cooper series. I'm half-way through it at the moment and keep dragging it out so I can make the journey last longer. I'll be sad when there's no more Beka books to look forward to.

And that's it for my mailbox.



  1. Boy you got some really good books. I see some of my favorites in this pile. Great haul.

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog

    1. I've added some to my favourites pile already too (even though I haven't read them all yet. I know they'll be good.)


  2. I have a few of these in my TBR too. I bought Bite before Christmas to read as part of my Christmas Reads event (only Christmas YA/Paranormal books)& was so busy it never happened. Now I have a ton of Christmas Themed books! lolz. I am thinking of a Christmas in July type thing.
    New follower.

    1. Christmas in July, nice! You might as well, then you can have all the Christmas-fun again.
      Thanks for visiting.


  3. I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone the other day, I really liked it! Enjoy your new books! :D

    In My Mailbox #5

    1. It was a really good book. I adored it.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. EEEEEEEEE! More Chloe Neill! I LOVED Twice Bitten--hope you do, toO!
    Just a tip: when you get Hard Bitten, get Drink Deep, too. TRUST ME O___O

    Oh, I bought the Dark Seeker eBook this week, too! Looking forward to reading it :D

    1. Don't worry. I have them all now. They're at the top of my list.

      Dark Seeker looks amazing. I'm looking forward to getting into it soon.


  5. Great set! I got Froi of the Exiles too. I can't wait to read it. I love Marchetta.
    My IMM

    1. She's pretty awesome. I'm dying for the Jellicoe Road movie to have more details (other than the script and test actor stuff)